A Love letter to Overwhelm

January 25, 2024

Dear Overwhelm

When did I find myself struggling without really noticing?

Can I not remember? 

Or maybe I do but I just feel guilty that I let myself get this exhausted. 

Hey it’s ok, I get it, life gets busy? 

Imagine a well-rested me!

What if I could make calm an inside job; I would sleep better and prioritize being my own rest CEO to stop myself burning out.  Imagine a re-boot where I would lead with more ‘compassion’ and forgive myself for not being ‘perfect’.

I’m fine!

As I sank deeper into the depths of despair with my mantra “I’m fine”, it became clear that I didn’t know how to pit-stop so I carried on even when my fuel tank was running low. I ignored the ‘red alerts’ and went full steam ahead; until I finally came to a stop. 

That was silly!

I could have stopped, I could have re-fuelled but now I’m really running on empty.  Infact I broke down!

Could I have gone more into neutral throughout my day? Taken my foot off from the gas pedal more often? Could I have nourished myself with breaks – yes, I could have!

But I didn’t and now my ‘I’m fine’ is a pathetic lie.

But thank goodness Overwhelm came to visit me and like a good friend tell me they’re worried about me.  Overwhelm told me to be kinder to myself!  Isn’t that great!? I now have a chance to re-boot!

Calm on a Mountain

That’s where I made friends with my Overwhelm; sitting on a Mountain in Canada. After my nervous breakdown I found myself booked onto an ashram at a Yoga retreat.  It forced me to take my foot off the pedal and switch off my ‘red alerts’. 

In other words, I was daring to make some changes and yes it became clear I was giving myself permission to not live in the “I’m fine” zone.  I began to feel well rested and I was back to homebase, me.  It felt good coming back to life as I was honouring myself in the process to who I truly was.

And I discovered that Rest is Love!

The Journey to Rest

After experiencing my burnout I sought out Relaxation and Mindfulness training.  From there on I became a cheerleader of Rest and founded the Calm in Mind Program. I dedicated in showing worn-out women their way back home to deep rest.  Because a well-rested lifestyle is more precious than gold. It’s forever and the journey back to well-being became my life’s purpose that one doesn’t have to earn rest to feel calm.

Thank you for visiting me that day Overwhelm! You changed my life!

Love Me!

p.s. If my journey to well-being inspired you read on, I’m daring you to rest too.

Rest because you need it

woman meditating

Exhausted at the Top?

What about you?  Are you just fine?

Likewise, if you’re a woman in today’s high-paced modern world, there’s a good chance you felt like I did and still do.  You’re tied! Your crazy busy!

“Being tried is normal”, you say.  But it’s not!

The world needs you but it needs you rested to operate from a place of empowerment, (not disempowerment).

Overall, physical exhaustion is just one layer of rest and if you go deeper there is mental and emotional rest and life-purpose rest.  To listen to your heart, your knowing, your intuition that will guide you deeper and when you are truly in alignment with the truth. It will give you the courage to transform your life to a new found freedom of peace and calm. 

Who wouldn’t want that? Right?

Why is Rest Important?

Importantly, it’s the foundation of everything, it’s what sustains us; by being busy all the time it activates the sympathetic nervous system which is our ‘alert  system’ and can bring on anxiety, insomnia and depression. 

Occasional stress is ok, it’s what motivates us but when it’s prolonged, it’s a recipe for burnout.  What if we could chuck out the martyr in us, the perfectionist, the people pleaser? 

Sound familiar?

Looking at the statistics women are more likely to feel tired than men.  Similarly, according to the NHS, feeling exhausted is so common that it has its own acronym, ‘TATT’, or ‘tired all the time’, and a new YouGov survey reveals that;

Half of women (50%) say they feel tired at the end of the day but struggle to fall asleep at night. Compared to 38% of men, women are also slightly more likely (49%) to say they feel like they don’t have enough time in the day to rest and relax than men (44%).  Read the report here.

What if the Holy Grail to Health is Rest?

Most self-care today is ‘doing’ – exercise, taking trips, meeting friends but what about ‘being’. We were human ‘beings’ first before ‘doing’ beings.  Therefore, rest connects us to our natural rhythms, our parasympathetic  nervous system as well as our inner knowing to check in with ourselves.

When you feel more whole to explore and be curious in what you need in that moment, you notice more, because you notice yourself. You get to live life more fully as you align with your one true nature.

Rest is Power

In conclusion, if you want to find out more how to go deeper in rest, you can book a 1:1 Fast Track to Calm with me to help you implement your own rest plan. And if you’re really struggling I have a great course Calm in Mind which goes more in depth in how you can achieve rest faster. Or if you want to give yourself a head start and listen to my 10min meditation The Journey to Self. It’s a freebie!

So my next letter will be to thanking Rest because I’ve learned that it can make you more fully alive than feeling drained before your day has even started

It’s time to wake up to Joy because the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

So Be Amazing! Be Resting!


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