Do you crave less stress and more calm?   I’m excited to share with you how a tea meditation exercise can bring you a little more ease into your everyday life.  
A moment of calm and gratitude for the first sip of my morning tea. I look forward to it… every single tme. It allows me to be fully present with what’s happening within and around me. And this practice of being present – of being free from worries, fears, and anxieties while you’re enjoying your drink – is so deeply nourishing and healing.
So, I’m inviting you to experience this for yourself – with me! Grab your favourite cup of tea and join this free Tea Meditation guided session.

Allow yourself 30-mins to slow down and be present with the tea. You will learn how to turn this regular daily activity into a mindful EXPERIENCE that is deeply nourishing on all levels of your being – physically and mentally.

I sit with tea almost daily to allow myself to just breathe and pause, which has tremendously helped my mental health. I invite you to join me!

smiling calm woman
calm woman drinking tea

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