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Mindfulness, Tea and Company

8 week Journey £120

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Mindfulness Tea and Company

Do you want to learn the benefits of mindfulness? With evidence-based strategies and practices to help you better manage your health, join our in-person courses starting in May 2024.



During the course, you will learn:

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A deep understanding of mindfulness and how to embed it daily at work and home. 

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Create a meditation habit using that will set you up for calmer day and a calmer you.

How to harness the power of your mind to enhance your everyday life stressors.

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How breath and body awareness can transform your stress down to your calm .

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Tools to help you re-balance negativity bias so that you can switch from Stress to Relaxed.

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How to prevent burnout and ditch your drainers and replace them with substainers. 


The practice of Compassion in how it can help you feel more connected.

Table with candle and calm props

A toolkit of practices, meditations, mindful movement and everyday ‘habit releasers’


I am really pleased that I signed up for your Mindfulness course. At the start I was really feeling that the world was against me, and I didn’t know how to cope. I didn’t know how mindfulness could make things any easier, but was willing to try anything.
Gradually, week by week through Odette’s guidance and motivation I realised that it was indeed in my power to change how I viewed things. Practising the art of mindfulness has indeed improved my day to day life, and I look at things differently. Taking things slowly, taking time to ponder and reflect… these are useful tools to hold in my ’toolkit’ when times get stressful as it must for all of us at some time.
Now the course has ended, I am more focussed and am carrying on with my twice daily sessions as often as I can. If I miss a day.. it doesn’t matter…
Thank you so much Odette, I wish I had been more open to Mindfulness years ago.
Margaret, Herts 2013

This is a wonderful course, both it’s content and process. With the support of Odette and your fellow course attendees, you feel a sense of belonging and commonality in your mindful journey. Each week, you learn tools that you can take into your home life to help balance your life and health, and bring more of a sense of calm and fulfilment in this busy, challenging and hectic world. You take more time to stop and ‘smell the roses’, both metaphorically and literally. I can’t recommend this enough and look forward to attending future courses.

Michelle, North London 2023

Thank you so much for your support during  “Take Back Youe Life’ Course and for your thoughtful observations and your kindness and friendliness with the participants.

Jeanette, London 2022

Thank You! Your teaching encircled and embellished this course!It was a pleasure to meet you and hope our paths cross again in the future!

Hayley, London 2022

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