Feel Calmer in 4 Weeks

Reduce your stress to boost your wellbeing. 

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What is Stress costing you?

You feel….

Your life is really busy and you have no time to slow down

Anxious at night and don’t know how to unwind

You work hard but don’t give yourself time off to enjoy life

Depleted by the end of the day and crash on the sofa

This course is for you if you want

better Mental Health





This 1:1 program is such a powerful tool and it’s not too late to wake up knowing that you have the tools to manage whatever life throws at you.

Eight weekly Zoom session practices will help you learn to thrive and not just to survive.

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A deep understanding of mindfulness and how to embed it daily at work and home. 

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Create a meditation habit using that will set you up for a calmer day and a calmer you.

How to harness the power of your mind to lessen your everyday life stressors.

Woman Breathing

How breath and body awareness can transform your stress down to your calm .

woman relaxing with cup and book

Tools to help you re-balance negativity bias so that you can switch from Stress to Relaxed.

woman with burnout

How to prevent burnout and ditch your drainers and replace them with substainers. 


The practice of Compassion in how it can help you feel more connected.

Table with candle and calm props

A toolkit of practices, meditations, mindful movement and everyday ‘habit releasers’.

Why Choose Mindfulness?  

Learning Mindfulness will give you life-long skills to reduce stress and anxiety, find greater resilience and boost your wellbeing. 

I teach a mindfulness approach that is practical, giving you accessible tools that you can apply right away. Across 4 weeks, you will learn how to embed the skill of mindfulness in your life through meditation, mindful movement and everyday practices.

Numerous research studies and clinical trials show the effectiveness of mindfulness for mental health. This course aims to equip you with tools to better manage stress as well as how to simply live your life more fully. 



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