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It’s not the amount of work we do that causes Burnout!

Yes that’s right, it’s not about the workload, it’s the FEELINGS we have around our work.


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 It’s the most logical step to run your business without slipping into your old habits.

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Module 1

The Mind & Body Entrepreneur

Designed to help you see what is truly possible if you start to nurture the WHOLE you on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Module 2 

The Strong & Healthy Body Entrepreneur

Making easy tweaks to ditch your destructive habits (ahem, snacking on crisps and choc) and set up new habits that’ll keep you healthy.

Module 3

The Emotional & Well-Being Entrepreneur

Setting boundaries with others and yourself so you don’t become an emotional wreak and take on everyone’s issues and burnout.

Module 4 

The Creative and Soulful Entrepreneur

How to “fill your well” and learn to revive your creative ‘spark’ making time to nurture your soul. Hey, it’s ok to have fun and joy in business.

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